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When you work at home, you are used to going on long vacations or you like to go camping, buying a generator is an excellent investment. For all your residential generator needs, call on Génératrice JML.

In the business for 15 years, we are now a reference in the field of generator sales in Quebec and Ontario. Whether you want to equip yourself with a portable generator or a home generator, it is with pleasure that we will guide you in your purchase.

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Back-up power

In a house, a power outage is always a disturbance. In addition, if the situation drags on, it can even be synonymous with damage. Avoid this by equipping yourself with a home generator! Thanks to such a device, you will not take any risks and you will no longer suffer the vagaries of a power outage.

Whether or not you are at home when the power goes out, the generator will automatically take over to continue supplying your home. Thus, your security system will continue to operate, which is particularly important in the event of prolonged absence, but also your refrigerators, your freezers, your internet routers, your heating, your air conditioning, etc. In short, by equipping yourself with a home generator, you can always have peace of mind, because your home will never run out of electricity! It is ideal for a main house, but also for a chalet, to secure it or simply to be able to store food in the fridge without fear of loss.

At Génératrice JML, we offer different types of home generators, including residential propane generators, natural gas generators and diesel generators. All these generators are specially designed for residential use and are available for delivery in Quebec and Ontario.

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Camping & leisure

Do you like tent camping? Do you often go away for the weekends? Or did you buy an RV recently? For all these mobile activities and many more, a portable generator can bring you comfort daily. Wherever you go, your portable generator can accompany you on all your adventures and getaways to provide you with the energy you need to charge your electrical devices, operate your portable refrigerator or even power your mobile air conditioning system.

Again, for this kind of residential generator, Génératrice JML offers you different types of machines. Whether you want a diesel generator, a propane generator or a natural gas generator, you will find what you are looking for with us! We can also suggest a powerful generator, depending on your needs, and if one of your priorities is to obtain a silent generator, we also have what you need in stock. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

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Are you interested in a residential generator? Whether you are looking for a portable generator or a home generator, welcome to Génératrice JML! Whatever your expectations and requirements, we will do our best to satisfy you and offer you exactly the generator you need, no more and no less.

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Note that we also offer generators for commercial, agricultural or industrial use, again in Quebec and Ontario. Discover them by browsing our dedicated page.