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Running a business involves many responsibilities, including ensuring consistent production and consistently high quality services. Protect yourself from power outages by opting for a generator, with Génératrice JML.

Experts in the field of generator sales in Quebec and Ontario, we have solid knowledge and skills based on 15 years of work. Whatever your needs for a portable generator, commercial generator, agricultural generator or industrial generator, we are committed to meeting them perfectly.

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Portable generator

Are you a general contractor, cabinetmaker or landscaper? Whatever your sector of activity, if you have to travel regularly and you need electricity to work, a portable generator is essential.

Originally specially designed to bring electricity to construction sites, these generators will allow you to work anywhere, without connection constraints. With a portable generator, you will have the equipment you need at your fingertips every day to work calmly and efficiently, independently.

At Génératrice JML, we offer a wide range of portable generators intended for commercial and industrial use. More powerful than the majority of residential portable generators, these are propane generators, diesel generators and natural gas generators.


Commercial generator

In the commercial sector, a simple power outage, even minor, can have serious consequences: production delays, loss of products, temporarily inaccessible services, etc. As a business leader, you must anticipate these types of damaging situations and do what is necessary to avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Make sure you never suffer the consequences of a power outage again by equipping yourself with a commercial generator. Whether you’re running a grocery store, caterer, restaurant, clinic, hospital, farm or even an airport, a commercial generator will take over in the event of a power outage so you can carry on business as usual was not. Your employees and customers will not suffer from this unforeseen event and your business will be profoundly strengthened.

Like all our other generators, these commercial generators have various intensities, depending on the needs of each business. They can also be powered by natural gas, propane or diesel, according to your preferences, and their delivery is guaranteed throughout Quebec and Ontario.

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Industrial generator

Who says industrial activity, often says machines, mechanical production and automation. In other words, in the event of a power outage, this kind of activity can be very impacted. If you manage an industry, avoid this kind of danger by simply equipping yourself with an industrial generator.

As professionals in the sale of generators in Quebec and Ontario, we are used to offering our services to industries of all types, for example agri-food industries or machine shops. Today, we have a wide choice of generators for industrial use, both powerful and safe. Whatever performance you expect, you can count on our generators to deliver it, live up to your expectations, and never let you down.

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Note that we also have an inventory of residential generators, including home generators and generators.