Sale of construction light tower in Quebec and Ontario

Choose reliability and efficiency for your construction lighting!

When working on a construction site, it is essential to see clearly to avoid mistakes and limit the risk of accidents. If you are a general contractor, a construction contractor, or a renovation contractor, offer yourself a powerful worksite light by calling on Génératrice JML.

As a reference company for the sale of generators in Quebec and Ontario, we now have a construction light tower. Ideal to light a construction site, this kind of tower is the best solution to advance work at night or in winter, when the days are shorter.

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A powerful lighting solution with integrated generator

At Génératrice JML, we know that good site lighting is essential to work in good conditions. That’s why we offer our contractor clients an optimal lighting solution: the construction light tower.

It is a free-standing light specially designed for construction. This towable light tower has a built-in generator that can supply up to 6 kW for tools and electronics, making it reliable and powerful. It is a powerful construction light, providing outstanding and constant lighting so you can get the job done in the best conditions.

Running on diesel fuel, this construction light tower is equipped with sturdy chassis and has off-road capability. It is very easy to install and operate, making it one of the easiest jobsite lighting solutions available.


Technical specifications of our construction light tower:

  • Four 1,050W halide fixtures
  • Fuel-efficient diesel generator
  • No warming up or cooling down period
  • Convenient power for small equipment, hand tools and electronics

Excellent site lighting equipment

While some jobs only take place during the day, others require longer working hours and take place at night. At that time, to work safely, a construction light is essential. This is exactly what our construction light tower is made for!

Specially designed to illuminate all types of construction sites at night and in the winter, when the days are short, our construction light tower is an excellent piece of outdoor and indoor lighting equipment. Often requested for lighting highway construction sites, this construction light tower can be useful on any type of construction site. So, if you are looking for a good construction light, don’t wait any longer and order our construction light tower wherever you are in Quebec or Ontario.

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Do you need good construction lighting? Choose a reliable and efficient solution by asking us for a construction light tower! We will gladly provide you with this powerful lighting equipment.

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