Sale of hybrid camera surveillance tower in Quebec and Ontario

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You are a general contractor and you want to equip yourself with a good construction surveillance camera? You run a shopping center and you want to keep an eye on your parking lot? In all these situations and many others, opt for a hybrid camera surveillance tower with Génératrice JML.

Specialized in the sale of generators in Quebec and Ontario, we offer a whole range of surveillance camera equipment with integrated generator, to ensure the security of all your spaces without fear of power outages.

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Mobile security cameras with built-in generator

To be effective, a surveillance camera must be reliable. When you want to turn it on, to monitor a construction site at night or a shopping center during the day, it is important that it does not go out, even in case of power failure or other unforeseen events. With our hybrid camera surveillance tower, be sure to benefit from a foolproof security camera.

At Génératrice JML, we offer for sale the excellent mobile camera trailers from Mobile Pro Systems, notably the Commander 3400 model. Quick and easy to install, this type of surveillance camera is designed to work efficiently during long deployments thanks to an automatic built-in generator system.

So, if you are looking for a reliable security camera that can be installed in just a few minutes and that guarantees optimal and flawless operation, don’t wait any longer and contact us! Wherever you are in Quebec or Ontario, we will gladly provide you with a hybrid camera surveillance tower.

Technical specifications of our hybrid camera surveillance tower:

– 24h security camera 4MP PTZ2 2MP

– 2 LED lights 150W

– 4G surveillance system

– 6 GEL 200AH batteries

– 8.5M electrically driven mast

– Weatherproof electrical connectors

– Integrated AC Onan 4000W generator system linked to our MP Status web interface

– 20 US gallon fuel capacity

– Quick installation brackets allowing for the installation of cameras, lights, antennas, etc.

– 3 modules of 460W solar panels that can easily be removed or added

The best solution to ensure security on a construction site, a parking lot or a shopping mall

Useful in many circumstances, a surveillance camera has two main roles: to deter malicious people and to help track down certain events, usually criminal or accidental. At Génératrice JML, we offer our hybrid camera surveillance tower to all types of clients, but we mainly work with construction contractors and shopping center managers:
  • If you are a construction contractor, a surveillance camera is useful for everything related to security on the construction site. It will allow you to avoid thefts and to settle these cases more quickly when they occur, but it can also be useful in case of an accident, in order to understand what happened.
  • If you are a mall manager, a security camera is useful to protect your customers, especially by monitoring the parking lot to avoid car thefts, but also muggings.
Whatever your needs, we will be happy to provide you with a hybrid camera surveillance tower: the best security solution!

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Are you looking for a good construction camera or parking camera? Store for a top-quality security camera with a built-in generator by calling Génératrice JML. We ensure your satisfaction with our hybrid camera surveillance tower.

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