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Ideal for the unexpected and never running out of electricity, a generator can make all the difference during a power outage, on a construction site or while camping. Treat yourself to a portable generator from Génératrice JML!

We have been specializing in generator sales for 15 years, providing efficient and reliable equipment to meet the needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

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Why choose a portable generator?

During a prolonged power outage, a portable generator will provide you with the energy you need to light, heat, and operate essential appliances in your home. Should you buy one? 

First, you should know that most home backup generators are portable and run on gasoline. They range in size from 1,000 to 6,500 watts. It is imperative to determine at the outset how much power your home needs by calculating the total power required by the connected devices. Provides an additional 25% safety margin to supplement the starting load required by equipment such as refrigerators or well pumps.

Here are our tips for purchasing your portable generator:

– Some generators run on propane or natural gas, for others it’s a combination of both.

– Noise: New generators produce noise levels below 65 decibels, which is less than the level of a human voice.

– Battery life: 5 to 11 hours between refills of fuel and oil.

– Voltage dimmer: Helps prevent damage to refrigerators, freezers, TVs, etc.

– 12-volt charger: Some models come with a car or boat battery charger.

– Idle Speed Control: Reduces noise and extends generator life.

– Electric Starter: Allows starting at the touch of a button. However, all models are equipped with a cable (manual) starter.

– Inverter Switch: Manages the transfer of power from the generator to the electrical system via the main panel.

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At Génératrice JML, our greatest strength is our sense of service. For us, the goal is not only to sell generators, but to accompany our customers from start to finish to ensure that we provide them with the machines they need.

Choosing us when you are looking for generators for sale means being guided by professionals dedicated to your complete satisfaction. It is also to benefit from an excellent after-sales service, all our products are accompanied by a solid guarantee. In short, experience an excellent service that makes all the difference!

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